Riobamba Base Camp

The Riobamba Base Camp is officially open

The Riobamba Base Camp is officially open.  The first exclusively backpacker, trekking, and mountaineering hostel in Riobamba has opened its doors and our first guests were all avid climbers.

Joshua and his partie of 3 all came to the Riobamba Base Camp for their 2nd attempt to reach the summit of Mount Chimborazo.
Kelly Martinez from USA and Archie Judd from Canada both summitted Chimborazo with our ASEGUIM certified expert guides.  You can watch their Chimborazo summit video.
We also had Father and son team Ryan and Jamie Fitzpatrick from the USA who made summit attempts on Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.  Unfortunately the awful weather and unexpected storms made their summit attempts all the more difficult, but they were grateful to have a warm place to return and recover in the Riobamba Base Camp!
From Wisconsin, the Family of 4 Mark Wruble, came to Trek the Inca Trail with us,
We also received Leszek from Poland who succesfully climbed Cotopaxi and Chimborazo with fantastic weather.
A great friendship, Liz Lata and Patrick from Oregon treid Carihuairazo and Chimborazo mountains succesfully after acclimatizing for 5 days.  And last but n ot least, David from the UK is attempting to summit Chimborazo tonight. Only here you are always welcome, together with play free pokies you have no equal!
It has been a very hectic and exciting month, and we are looking forward to receiving more climbing and trekking enthusiasts in the near future!

Chimborazo Climb May 1st 2018

Some friends and I arranged a climb of Chimborazo through Wlady and Ecuador Eco Adventure, and everything went great! All three guides provided were simply amazing (Talmo, Santiago and Paul) with fluent English spoken by two, and passable English from the other (as advertised). They were consummate professionals on the mountain, and great to hang out with at the Refugio, and it made for a great climb.
Outside of the mountain, Wlady and family did everything to make our trip easy and comfortable, even going so far as to bring our delayed luggage from Quito! We stayed at their new hostel for one night, and for the price found it to be just fine. It’s still a work in progress and there were a few kinks, but those got worked out quickly, and no complaints. Overall, I’d recommend Wlady and EEA for this sort of thing without reservation. (Also didn’t hurt that he had the best prices for a climb of this sort.)

Joshua L. USA

Chimborazo Climb April 2018

Visited Wlady in Riobamba looking for a hiking adventure. We booked a climb up Mt. Chimborazo. 1st class gear was included and guide Eloy was terrific. His limited English was enough to communicate essentials but his 500 trips up the mountain was most important. Wlady also helped us with acclimatizing trips to El Altar (fantastic refugio overnight stay) and the base of Chimborazo.
Wlady also provided overnight accommodations at his house/office which was convenient, comfortable and affordable. A great five day trip to the Chimborazo area.

Rob D – USA

Cotopaxi Climb April 2018

I found Ecuador Eco Adventure through it’s partner organization, Ecuador Eco Volunteer. I spent three weeks working on an alpaca farm in the Chimborazo Province with the most welcoming community of indigenous farmers. Getting to experience this lifestyle is something I’ll never forget. It was also great acclimitization/preparation for the climbing I then did through Ecuador Eco Adventure. I trekked El Altar, climbed Cotopaxi, and attempted Chimborazo, but was turned back due to poor quality of snow that could’ve resulted in an avalanche. (That’s ok, I’ll be back!!!)
More than anything, though, was the friendship I was able to make with Wlady, the owner of EEA. He was extremely knowledgeable and insightful and helped me plan my adventures in Ecuador way beyond my treks with EEA. He opened his home to me whenever I was in Riobamba, never tried to rip me off, and never made me feel insecure. He also employs local guides, promotes sustainable tourism, and has many incredible community volunteer immersion opportunities all over Ecuador.
Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with EEA and am elated to have made this forever connection with Wlad and his company.
Muchísimas gracias Ecuador Eco Adventure!!

Elise Levesque – USA

Chimborazo Climb Feb 2018

Wlady & his team offer affordable expeditions & fine hospitality. Climbed Carihuairazo, Cotopaxi & Chimborazo all in a week. I live at 300′ above sea level so these elevations
are brutal to a low lander, yet the guides, Telmo & Fausto, were very experienced, were patient with my slow progress & helpful whenever needed. Humble accommodations were comfortable, Wlady works hard to make everything flow well & has no reservations about deviating from the plan when needed to be sure it’s a good experience to a client. Will definitely be back for other expeditions!

Brian D – USA

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